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RMD 2021 - Return on experience


RM Digithon is a virtual meetup that aims at creating the space to connect CCI
financers & supporters with CC actors that took place on May 26th. Over 24 hours we
offered 70 CCI supporters the opportunity to meet and provide an audience of 521
attendees coming from 34 countries with information on existing funding and support
tools for CC actors & initiatives. The concept aimed at promoting the culture of
listening and changing the perception of CCI supporters from just money givers to
financial partners that are in constant dialogue with the CC actors. The concept is a
reversed speed dating format where the CC financiers were presenting their support
Like all other economic sectors, the CC sector was seriously harmed, and its actors
need support like never before. On the other hand, the Massive digitalization and
enrichment of online meeting digital solutions, as a consequence of the pandemic, has
opened a new dimension of possibilities of growth for the sector. The RM Digithon is
therefore a celebration of this new dimension where all stakeholders come in solidarity
with no time, space, nor budget limit, in an online speed meeting marathon.

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Ressource Mobilization Digithon

RMD is the manifestation of a reserved and unyielding engagement of the CFW in defending and supporting its cause in mobilizing resources for the Arts and culture sector around the globe. It comes in continuity with the previous RM days of 2017, 2018, and 2019. The RMD stems from the urgent need of connecting Cc actors and investors, to join efforts in leading more transparent, sustainable, and responsible art funding.


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