About Us

CCi Boost is a PLATFORM that aims at creating an enabling eco-system for CCI actors to grow their activities



The CCi Boost is the hub for easy to access useful and innovative resources to start or grow.


The CCi Boost is the hub that enables CC actors to showcase their activities and build a sustainable connection with their peers, funders, and supporters.


The CCi Boost is a space of exchange that aims to match CCIs with the appropriate resources.

Our Mission

Boost Cultural & Creative industries

Our Vision

We believe in a world where cultural and creative industries receive the recognition and support that are proportional to the social and economic role they play and where their relationship to their funders, supporters and investors is remodeled



Organizations and Individuals working in the Creative and cultural sector:

If you’re looking for financial, technical or other types of resources, join CCi Boost and connect with other organizations/individuals like you and the investors and funders who support this sector. Exchange resources and grow.

Investors, Funders, and supporters:

CCi Boost is the place for you to find new investment opportunities, as well as creative and innovative projects to develop and support.

Its search feature will allow you to find projects and companies based on your requirements.

How it all started

The CCi Boost is the evolution of the Cultural & Creative enterprises Index (CCE Index) which generates and shares statistics on cultural and creative enterprises from around the world.

The CCE Index was born from the observation that there is a significant lack of knowledge and awareness of what the Cultural and Creative Industries are, and how their economies and value chains work. This is partly due to the lack of data on CC entrepreneurship which limits the ability to assess the impact of these industries on their economies and societies. It was to fill that gap, to support our advocacy efforts and to raise awareness about the role of CCIs in our society that the CCE Index was created. With the hope to formulate positive and relevant strategies for the development of cultural and creative entrepreneurship.

The Index is now part of the CCi Boost and can be consulted for free after the creation of a profile.